Drone Based Inspections For Pipeline

Using Drones for pipeline leak detection has resulted in a 90% reduction in costs associated with leak mitigation for companies who use drone inspection technology. 

ThermalCam USA Offers pipeline inspection services to Oil and Gas Companies across the United States.

Using Thermal Camera Imaging technology and our Vertical Take Off and Landing Drones (VTOL), our drones are capable of flying a pipeline and detecting leaks more efficiently and faster than most competitors. 

Drone Technology Used For Early Leak Detection

Aerial Intelligence At It's Best

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There's no reason to buy a drone and maintain or train a pilot in house when you can utilize a 3rd party service at a fraction of the cost.  With reduced liability and a faster turn around time, our clients are fully benefiting from the years of training and experience we have behind the controls. 

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Reduced Costs And Liability Using Drones For Pipeline Inspection