Using Drone Technology To Detect And Quantify Emissions

Finding The Leak

Detecting and reducing methane leaks is a key aspect of Global Well Management Strategies for many producers in West Texas. Having the ability to quickly detect leaks is also an important aspect of reducing green house gas. Through the use of drone technology, combined with leak detection and repair (LDAR), ThermalCam USA is to provide fast, reliable leak detection services for our clients.

By using LDAR principles and advance thermal imaging cameras, we're able to detect and quantify emissions coming from individual well sites.  This helps us detect not only the presence but also the quantity of  emissions.

Testing The Technology

Equipped with the latest in technology, our drones have integrated gas analyzers that provide live data to the pilot and recording software. This affords the operator the ability to detect the leak and make adjustments to the flight path accordingly. 

ThermalCam USA's pilot charts a flight path with a vector that creates a virtual plane downwind of the pad side. Out gas analyzers are able to determine the type of gas.  Combining these systems with software that enables us to capture the volumetric data needed to compute the amount of fugitive emissions.

This process allows our pilots to be much closer to a leak without the risks associated with live personnel at the site.

We're able to capture data immediately, and report it back to our customer, decreasing their exposure to the risks and fines associated with fugitive emissions. 

M600pro Thermal Cam USA