Drone Inspections For Insurance Claims 

Increase productivity and reduce liability using drone imaging

Using Aerial Drone Technology For Insurance Claims Inspections. 

Utilizing drone technology to facilitate inspections on residential and commercial buildings has many tangible benefits.  Reduced inspection time and liabilities are at the top of the list for many insurance companies.  

Thermal Cam USA has multiple pilots who are registered with the FAA who specialize in drone inspections.

Our team has conducted many insurance claim and underwriting inspections in the Midland/Odessa Area and we are the preferred vendor in this region. 

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Concise Reporting
Home Inspection
Commercial Inspection
Underwriting Reporting

Our insurance claim inspection reports are timely, accurate and cost effective. 

Our team specializes in inspecting residential roofing systems and exteriors. 

Our drones are designed for high quality imaging used on commercial building materials.

Our drone pilots will include basic underwriting reporting with inspections. 

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Leak Detection

 Our inspection processes and state of the art technology reveal latent damage in roofing materials. Latent damages in roofing materials associated with hail damage are often invisible to the eye and may be missed without the appropriate technology.  Large commercial roofing systems often experience damage to the synthetic materials that are not readily visible. Using our proprietary software and inspection processes, we're able to  expose temperature differences during specific parts of the day using thermal imaging. Thermal Cam USA specializes in hard to find leaks in complex roofing systems and have provided our services to most of the municipalities in the West Texas Region.