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Blade Inspection Using Drones

 As Wind Technology has progressed through the course of time, many companies have implemented the use of modern technology such as drones for blade inspections. 

Wind Turbine manufacturers and their clients have recognized the use of drones reduces downtime of turbines.  For manufacturers who have an availability based contract, eliminating downtime means more money.

Reduced Liabilities Using Drones

 The use of Drones to inspect wind turbines dramatically decreases the liabilities associated with these duties. 

 Typically using a 3rd party contractor to inspect wind turbine blades requires multiple people, shutting down the wind turbine for extended periods of time, as well as high risk procedures.

Drone Inspection of wind turbine blades eliminates the need for cranes, baskets, rigging and large numbers of personnel for oversight. 

Benefits Of Drone Blade Inspection

Thermal Cam USA drones are capable of scanning and detecting damage associated with:

  • Lightening Strikes

  • Impacts

  • Delamination 

  • Ice Damage

  • Corrosion/Discoloration 

  • Overall Condition

Using Drones to inspect Wind Turbines Blades typically results in reduced costs, and expedited reports.  Our team is capable of inspecting up to 6 wind turbines per day.  

Proprietary Blade Mapping Software 

Thermal Cam USA has partnered with Sulzer-Schmid to utilize  The 3DX™ Software Platform.

 What does this mean for our clients?


Increased efficiency with blade inspections. Better quality reporting. Standardized processing and repeatable results.  This technology marries Aerial Photography, GIS Data, AI Learning and Wind Technology into a seamless experience for our clients. 

Wind Turbine Blade Mapping
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